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Floor Cleaners Tyler TX,


First we use a simple non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution to agitate the dirt that’s ingrained into the floor (that”s why mopping never removes it, allowing it to build up over time).

Step Two:

We then use our patented floor tool that applies heated water at just the right pre-selected cleaning pressure in the Containing Dome pre-selected at a level that precludes any damage. At the same time the water is being applied, it’s also vacuum-extracted at 5 gallons per minute, leaving the surface almost completely dry.

Why waste more time and effort “trying” to clean your hard surfaces the old fashion way Omega Floor Care Texas offers fast, effective, and affordable solutions that work on any hard surface: natural stone, travertine, brick, tile, concrete and stucco. We can do it all – vertical or horizontal.

Our specialty is cleaning tile and grout, but we can do much more. To your left is a list of additional surfaces we can clean with our specialized equipment.


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Professional Floor Cleaners in Tyler, TX

How clean your floor is and how it looks can have a positive or negative impact on your business. Therefore, it’s important that you hire professional floor cleaners to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your floors. Our job is to make sure that your floors look their best all year round. To accomplish this, Omega Floor Care Texas?floor cleaning services uses a comprehensive system combining innovative products, advanced technology and years of experience. No matter the type of floor you have, we have the expertise to maintain and improve the appearance of your floors.

We Offer Floor Cleaning Services

Floors can be made with several types of materials, and they all have to be handled differently. In order to make sure that your floors are at their highest level of clean, our expert advice can tell you how best to clean your floors, the best cleaning methods and give you periodic maintenance schedules so you can make sure your floors are always at their best. All of the years of experience make Omega Floor Care Texas the expert floor cleaners to all business types. Our highly knowledgeable and trained staff have an unparalleled understanding of floor cleaning and the expertise to do a great job.

Why hire floor cleaning companies?

As we mentioned previously, the cleanliness of your floor impacts how customers perceive your business. In order to maintain and increase your customer base, your floors need to be in great shape. Also, some businesses are required to meet special health and safety standards in order to maintain their operating license. Hospitals need to sustain high hygiene levels to avoid cross-contamination and prevent more illnesses and food vendors have to have a hygienic atmosphere in order to continue to serve food to customers.
Omega cares very deeply about your business, as well as about health and safety standards, always ensuring that your floor is as clean as it can be.

We Are One of The Best Grout Cleaning Companies

Over time, grime and dirt buildup on the porous surfaces of your tile and grout flooring, making them become a breeding ground for bacteria. This is especially true in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom, where germs are commonplace. It’s important that you do whatever you can to cut down on spreading bacteria, and regular mopping is not enough.
To deliver a deep, healthy and safe cleaning you need to contact a professional grout cleaning company to deliver a professional tile and grout cleaning.

Professional Floor Cleaning Services Tyler Texas, Cleaning Service Tyler Texas
How Our Grout Cleaning Services Work

Our trained technicians use non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, agitating the dirt and grime that’s ingrained into the floor. Our patented floor tool is then used, applying heated water at just the pre-selected cleaning pressure in the Containing Dome. At the same time that we apply the water, we are also vacuum-extracting it at 5 gallons per minute, extracting the dirt and grime from deep within the tile and grout pores, while leaving the surface almost completely dry. This method is highly effective while being gentle and safe on your floors. It also extends the lifespan of your floors, as it removes debris that weakens the tiles. Cleaning the dirt and grime that collects on your floors restores a healthy shine to your tiles and makes them look brand new.
We Offer Travertine Tile Cleaning

Travertine adds beauty and elegance to businesses and is commonly used to build floors, walls, showers and countertops. If you have travertine floors, these need to be handled correctly, as a DYI approach can be a recipe for disaster. Professional travertine tile cleaning services are your best bet, as by using professional cleaners, travertine can last for decades. In order to clean travertine, special chemicals, tools, sealers and protectants need to be used. This prevents etching, scratching and permanent staining.
Looking for Tile Cleaning Services?
Cleaning tiled floors without using professional tile cleaning services can be a messy and uncomfortable job, plus you won’t be able to re-create the deep-clean results that come with professional tile and grout cleaning services. There is hidden dirt lying deep inside the pores of your grout lines which can’t be reached by mopping or regular cleaning products. Since grout is a porous material, it collects grime, dirt and old spills, making the surface dull and discolored. Omega Floor Care Texas’s?tile restoration services?are able to restore the luster and shine to your floors, making them appear brand new.
There’s no need to spend more time and effort trying to clean your hard surfaces with the usual cleaning methods. Omega Floor Care Texas offers effective, affordable and fast solutions that work on any hard surface.
Ask About Our Tile And Grout Cleaning Services
We remove the debris and grime that weakens the grout, extending the life of your tile floors. If you have discolored grout, our services will help it look brand new. No matter what your grout or tile needs are, we are able to help. We can clean restrooms, lobbies, hallways, kitchens and any other tiled areas of your business. Our service is second to none, so make sure that we??re your first call.
We Offer The Best Commercial Floor Cleaning Services
Contacting Omega Floor Care Texas as your professional commercial floor cleaning services has several advantages, including:
– Our process is able to remove dirt, oil, grime and bacteria from your floors
– Restoring your floors to their brand-new appearance
– Our solutions are EPA and environmentally friendly
– Our company is fully licensed and insured
– We offer a Monthly Maintenance Program, extending the cleanliness and life of your floors
– Our specialty is floor care
– All of our work is guaranteed
– Our technicians are highly trained and have the expertise to clean and care for all your floor types
– We offer 100% customer satisfaction
– Our technology is patented, so you receive the best available service for your needs
Professional Grout Cleaning
Ceramic tiles are great floor coverings for commercial high-traffic environments, but they take a lot of wear and tear. They are easy to mop and are able to withstand a lot. However, they tend to look dirty after a certain amount of time, and what looks dirty is not the tile itself, but the grout. The sanded grout absorbs grease, oil and dirt, becoming permanently discolored and stained. Omega Floor Care Texas offers professional grout cleaning to clean and restore your grout lines.
We use the latest cleaning technologies available and our grout cleaning services return your tile surfaces to a like-new appearance. We have a highly-trained team specializing in various types of flooring and we can work around your businesses schedule to keep any interruptions to a minimum and your business can keep running smoothly.

Floor Cleaning Companies Tyler Texas, Cleaning Service Tyler Texas
Stone Cleaning
If you have stone floors, we can restore them with our hone and polish service, and take deep cleaning to the next level. The benefits of stone cleaning are multiple, including:
– Restoring your natural stone floors to top condition
– Removing soil and topical coatings, immediately impacting the image with more clarity and uniformity
– Reducing wear patterns in heavy traffic areas
– Extending the life of your finish
Professional Floor Cleaning Services
Your office building is the face of your company. You need to put your best face forward and keep it looking its best, so Omega Floor Care Texas provides high standard commercial floor cleaning services. We are backed by our highly-trained experts that understand your unique floor cleaning needs.
We Are Professional Tile Floor Cleaners
We use the latest patented technology and procedures, providing you with a healthy, clean environment for you and your employees. We guarantee that this job will be done to your complete satisfaction. As professional tile floor cleaners , we care about clean. We have a commitment to you and deliver the best results.
Ask About Our Tile Restoration Services
Common spills in your household, such as coffee, lemon juice, fruit or vegetable juice and grease spills can stain your tile and grout. We are able to easily remove them and restore the surface to its original appearance. Make your floors look brand new by refreshing your tile and grout with our great tile restoration services.
Tile And Grout Cleaning Near Me
No more need to wonder about how to find any tile and grout cleaning near me, we service a lot of areas including Tyler TX, New Chapel Hill TX, Chandler TX, Noonday TX, Bullard TX, Flint TX, Mount Selman TX, Jacksonville TX, Whitehouse TX, Troop TX, Frankston TX, Brownsboro TX, Hideaway TX, Lindale TX, Mineola TX, Arp TX, and all of Smith County TX so contact us today for your commercial floor cleaning services. You’ll be glad you did!

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